Thursday, July 7, 2011


We climbed  a mountain called vestfjället today it was kind of high (for me....) and there was a family there that had three children , one of them was maybe two and the other two were about eight or nine and went up and down the mountain faster then me! The picture above is of our dog NIPA! She is a Norrbottenspets, Norrbotten is a county in the north of Sweden, the breed was developed there.


  1. Mike and Ann said...
    Dear Freja. Granny and I love your new blog. It is well written and the title is great. Did you take the photographs? They too are very good, especially the one of Nipa.
    I think my computer is having problems, as I cannot get through to your blog, so I'm sending this one through to Ruth's blog, and hoping she'll pass it on toyou.
    Much love to you all, Granny and Pa.

    9:35 PM

  2. thank you ,and no I did not take the picture,Ruth did.