Friday, July 15, 2011

pretty flowers & me

 my favorite color ,buttercup yellow! 

 sorry, I held the camera back to front!:s


  1. I like buttercup yellow too, especially against a background of sky blue, like the Swedish flag :)

  2. Hello Freja. I'm typing this when we walked along the lane and saw a family of swans (the cob, the pen, and five cygnets. I think you're all upstairs getting lunch, and I'm expecting Granny to call me up to join you at any minute, so I'd better stop typing now- Ah, she's just called down the cellar steps that lunch is ready.

  3. Hello Freja Laurel. Glad to hear you all got home safely. It must be nice to be home safe and sound after all your travels. It was lovely to have your here for a week. Please give our love to your parents and sister.
    Much love to you all, Pa andGranny.