Monday, August 22, 2011


The 21of august we went on a boat called Thomée. here are some nice photos from our trip!

it was very cold
that was thomées second to last trip ever unless we can save him from retirement. He was made in 1875. 


  1. Hello Freja. Granny and I made the trip on Tommee a few years ago. After a hundred and thirty six years of plying up and down your lake it seems dreadful that she is to be sold off elsewhere. She has been a great asset to your town. I think it is very short sighted of your town council, and if you meet one of them you are welcome to tell them I said so.
    Much love, Pa.

  2. I agree totally with your grandfather. And I will try and pass on his comment.

    I'm very sorry you were so cold, I hope granny's lovely thick Aaron jumper helped?

  3. Dear Freja. Do you think you couled give your mother a tactful lesson in spelling? I think that what you are wearing is an Aran jumper. Aaron was a Jewish High Priest in the Old Testament, and I don't think there is any record of hime wearing woolly jumpers. Thank you (please be diplomatic. You know what these English teachers are like if their spelling is corrected). Or does she mean an Aaron juniper ? the High Priest may have invented gin.

  4. Dear Freja. Thank you for your letter. Glad you're enjoying the magazine. We do hope your hand is soon better. We've just spent a busy day at Long Melford again. A month ago you all helped us set up there. It seems more than a month since you went home.
    Our love to you all, Granny and Pa.

  5. Hello pa!
    hope you are having a good time and i will tell them don't worry.