Thursday, August 4, 2011

paris18-21 juli

 Here is the lovre
 and the french flag!
2weeks ago we came home from paris. we went on the 18 and came home on the 21 Juli. Here's some picture's  of it!


  1. What did you think of Paris?

  2. Paris is lovely. It's the parisians I had problems with. This may be just a touch racist, but generally speaking I found them an unhelpful, ill mannered, shower.

  3. it was lovely i liked....
    my red hat,i liked the hot chocolate,and notredam,lovre and the eiffel -tower!

  4. Your mother was always a francophile. I suppose I should get know it better.

  5. One young Frenchman made several calls on his cellphone to ensure that we had a room for the night. A bus driver took an extra trip to make sure we arrived at the hotel safely. Another young Parisian helped us find our way before we'd even worked out where we were on our map. Several others tried to give us gold rings that they had just found, although I don't think they were French. Everyone we met on our short trip allowed us to pass freely without let or hindrance and afforded us such assistance and protection as was necessary with great politeness and one really can't request and require more, can one?