Wednesday, November 23, 2011

christmas eve

it's only four months and two days until christmas eve and the snow hasn't come to sweden yet!
it's only a little ice outside!
we will hope it comes soon.......


  1. We've had three frosts here; two in October, and one yesterday. No ice, just frost on the car windscreens. None of them lasted long and they were followed by bright days. One or two fogs though in the last week. Don't much like snow. My ideal snow is two inches on Christmas morning; seen through glass, and gone by lunch time. Granny is now calling me to breakfast and sends her love, as do I. Granny also says to tell you she's 'longing to see you at Christmas.
    Our love to all. Pa.

  2. P.S. It's only four WEEKS and two days till Christmas I'm glad to say.
    Much love, Pa.

  3. It must seem like months away Strawberry, but Pa's right, he always is ... well very very nearly, in fact now it's only three weeks left.