Monday, December 5, 2011


A "pepparkaka"!

Yum yum!


this father christmas does not look like the real one!
And he's a bit early! 

an old steam train that we took to jamtli christmas market

this is inside the train.

they put christmas decorations inside the train!


  1. Hello Freja/Laurel/Strawberry. I'm glad you're enjoying the snow. I'm also glad we haven't got any yet. Don't bring any with you, will you. I love the look of that steam engine. Took me back to when we were younger and used to travel behind steam engines. Granny was pleased to see you're wearing the hat she knitted for you.Looking forward to seeing you all.

    Much love, Granny and Pa.

  2. Hi pa!
    I liked the steam train to. :)

  3. Father Christmases are a bit like clowns, they scare me :(